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Six Elders died in Florida nursing home after Hurricane Irma

Six seniors have died in a Hollywood nursing home in the Miami metropolitan area. The Hollywood Hills Nursing Home had run out of power Sunday after Hurricane Irma. Police are investigating whether the tragedy was due to high temperatures inside the center or due to a carbon monoxide poisoning which got released by a generator. Three of the victims died on the premises. Three others in a hospital. With these six deaths, the effect of the hurricane has already left 18 victims in Florida.

Police and firefighters have come to the residence, and 115 elderly have been evacuated. Police are visiting other nursing homes in the area to check that residents are not in danger.

The Hollywood Hills asylum had the poor record. The Florida body that looks after the good conditions of the health centers has been classified as a “well below average” establishment. The residence is owned by the hospital firm Larkin, which in 2006 paid a fine of 15 million for a fraud. Larkin bought the asylum in 2015 at an auction. The previous owner had gone to jail to cheat the social security.

Irma hit southern Florida on Sunday leaving more than six million people without power, although the system is recovering little by little. September is one of the hottest months of the year in the region, with temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius and high humidity. The days after the hurricane have been very challenging and have forced people to endure harsh conditions for hours or days in their homes without air conditioning.


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