Rohingya Crisis – an “Ethnic Cleansing & Genocide”


The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Raad al-Hussein, today denounced the repression of the Rohingya community at the hands of the Burmese Army, which appears to be an “example of a manual” of ethnic cleansing, he said.In a hearing before the UN Human Rights Council, Al-Hussein has denounced “the brutal security operation” launched by the Tatmadaw in northern Rakhine, a state that houses the vast majority of this Muslim community whose rights are denied by the Government of Naypyidaw. An estimated 400,000

Rohingya had fled Rakhine since last October, when the violence began, a figure that accounts for almost a third of the total population, which is no more than 1.1 million. In the last two weeks, more than 300,000 have escaped a military repression that has undergone a qualitative leap. The Jordanian official opened the thirty-sixth session of the Human Rights Council with a keen speech, in which he recalled how last year was warned in the same forum of the “systematic and widespread” crimes committed against the Rohingya community in Burma, with a Buddhist majority, which “possibly amount to crimes against humanity” .

A few months ago, during the first phase of the current military campaign, a hard report prepared by a UN commission of inquiry detailed, through refugee testimony, consistent accounts of massacres, killings of civilians – including included children and infants – and systematic rape, often in groups, of Rohingya women. That report led to the Council’s approval of a fact-finding mission which was never able to travel to Burma because the Government of Aung San Suu Kyi never granted the necessary authorization.

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