The next Apple Watch will not need an iPhone to operate

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To date, the use of Apple Watch was directly linked to the iPhone; Without the cellphone nearby, this smart watch had no more functions than to give the time and date. In fact, Apple knew how to weave this strategy to create more links with the user of its ecosystem: if one was happy with the iPhone, it was very likely that he would end up buying a watch, and vice versa. Established this link, it would be difficult to break and abandon the platform to another model of mobile or watch. The watch has been in the market for more than two years, and the manufacturer would be preparing a draft in its next model: to ensure that the watch does not need an iPhone nearby to operate.

Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (KGI Securities), who usually hits the great majority of his predictions, comes with lime and sand for fans of apple products. The good news is that Apple will present this year a Watch with built-in LTE connectivity and that will get the device to operate autonomously and not as an iPhone accessory, as it was to date. The bad news that advances in forecasting key this analyst is that the manufacturer does not intend to change a single apex the design of the watch, although the latter is possibly not as bad as we think since users of the current model would not have to get rid of their collection Of straps.

Being able to go running without loading the iPhone is your biggest incentive

Kuo anticipates that Californians will present this year two variants of Apple Watch 3: one without LTE connectivity and another with it, possibly escalating the current model downward with a more competitive price. Bloomberg also details this progress specifying that Intel will manufacture the modems of the watch and that Apple would already be in negotiations with the operators of the United States and Europe with the idea of ​​marketing the Watch as part of its catalog of devices in what would be a great change In the Cupertino manufacturer’s strategy.

Why would this strategy change in the market be relevant? This new watch would have a permanent connection to the internet regardless of the presence of an iPhone or WiFi network nearby. Thanks to this, their owners could make and answer calls, send messages and what may be more interesting, could go out to carry out sports activities without having to carry an iPhone too. The latter is interesting in the case of emergency: if you are in a hurry, you will only have to press a button and request assistance without having to have the mobile by hand.

Apple would not be the first manufacturer to launch a clock with built-in data, and in fact, Samsung has done the same this year with the Gear S3. There are many unknowns to clarify if this rumor is confirmed as true: with what data plan would the operators market the clock? How will Apple address the battery life of the device? Until the manufacturer does not announce this equipment, these unknowns will remain unresolved, but some analysts already advance that this device could be a real shock to the company’s sales, “would change the rules of the game,” explains Gene Muster.

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