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Why should Java programmers learn Node.js?

Reasons why you should learn Node.js if you are a Java programmer eager to keep you at the forefront in the computer sector

Who handled the programming language and the Java platform, which allows you to write the program only once to run in different environments – what saves labor and resources- should extend their learning Node.js. The reasons are based mainly on its speed, versatility, stability and simultaneous support of data. After understanding its usefulness, we assure you that you will want to master it.

Node.js Functions

It consists of a multiplatform environment whose open source facilitates the creation of web applications with large volumes of traffic, whereas a current server supports up to 4000 concurrent users. Its stability guarantees the continuous quality in the service or product offered by the company, which is why recruiters seek to hire people capable of dealing with Node.js. You learn quickly when you have previous knowledge in JavaScript or Java because they work similarly.

Leading companies such as Walmart, New York Times, Netflix, LinkedIn, eBay or PayPal rely on their entire Node.js service for their ability to manage thousands of customers online in real time. Also, the programmer will use the same code for the server and the client instead of two ways as usually happens with other environments, which doubles the professional’s work.

The most modern companies deposit their aspirations in the environment that works wireless, that is to say, the sequences of chained tasks that dominate the operation in an operating system. They take place and reduce the fluidity of the application when they execute simultaneous tasks so that the absence of threads in an environment is another feature oriented to the simplification of the work.

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