HP Elite X3- Best All in one Mobile Computer

hp elite x3

Buy Now HP Elite X3The US giant HP returns to the mobile technology sector with this impressive innovation of three integrated devices that function as a computer. Breaking with all the schemes expected, HP has launched to the market with expectations of great success thanks to this product.


The Elite X3 is a phablet with Windows 10 that is transformed into a computer. This mobile device has a 6-inch screen and can do everything a traditional mobile phone, with all the functionalities to which we are accustomed and with excellent performance. Also, it has an accessory called HP Mobile Extender that allows to expand the size of the screen and incorporate a keyboard, making the Elite X3 into a desktop computer that has nothing to envy other computers.

The screen achieved by joining the two devices is 12.5 inches or slightly more than twice the original screen of the phablet. And as a novelty will allow using a mouse, unprecedented accessory so far in the mobile world. As if that were not enough, it promises 16 uninterrupted hours of battery life.

With this advance, the company intends to help the user and improve their work experience with the different devices, facilitating the passage from one to another without losing continuity in the activity or quality in work performed. In addition to its design, the Elite X3 features state-of-the-art security systems that include fingerprint reading and iris recognition as unlocking systems.

An excellent idea to use the computer anywhere without worrying about battery life issues. The Elite X3 will hit the market soon and promises to wipe out computers from the past.

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