Tips on How you can become an iOS Programmer for Free

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If you are thinking of becoming an iOS programmer and do not know where to start or what you will need, we guide you through the process so you can develop your app and even market it. Know what an iOS programmer does, what technological inputs you need to perform it, what are the essential knowledge and skills and what steps to follow if you want to sell it in the App Store.

Tasks of an iOS Programmer

It is responsible for adapting the operating system for a company to work according to their requirements, in addition to developing mobile applications executed exclusively on iOS devices. Test applications to improve them, fixing bugs, and writing reports to notify your bosses. In case you do not intend to work in a company but to establish a venture or create applications for fun, you will also need to know the implements indicated for its development.

Technological inputs to develop iOS applications

Having a Mac computer is the most convenient but not indispensable since there is the possibility of accessing a shared Mac for 19 euros per month if you have an Internet browser. It is an economical option for those who can not afford to purchase an expensive system. In the same way that it is preferable to have an iPhone although it is possible to download the Xcode simulator, which consists of an application to develop iOS applications for free download in Mac App Store.

Knowledge to develop iOS applications

The fundamentals of programming are the basis of any software because they are repeated on all platforms. In principle, you must learn to program with Objective C, the language most used for iOS. It’s an excellent time investment, even if the Swift language is simpler because iOS developers of any level dominate Objective C and you’ll lose countless community tools if you do not use it. We recommend you start with YouTube tutorials to get into the topic with small steps: learning to schedule is not achieved overnight, but it is not impossible if you practice daily.

Skills for developing iOS applications

Adaptability is the most significant competition in a developer dealing with continuous software changes with technological advancements, resource optimization, and imperfections correction. Exploring codes written by colleagues is a good way to start, understand their implications and imitate the best of each on an openSource platform consisting of free software that is accessed for free. Logic is key in a programmer because he must project a clear thinking that indicates where he wants to go with the code he writes, keeping in mind the end of the journey.
Publish apps to iOS

When you aspire to market the applications, you must enroll in the Apple Developer Program on the App Store for 99 euros. But if you want to make them available to the public without profit, you can sign up for free on the Apple Developers website. Remember to upload your code to an openSource platform similar to GitHub so that the rest of the developers get the best ideas; it’s a way back and forth: the iOS community helps each other. You will learn from your mistakes, you will inspire others, you will receive advice, and you will provide in equal parts for an optimized result.

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