‘Hot Water Challenge’:The stupid and dangerous ‘challenge’ that has already left a deadly victim

Between July and August of the year, 2014 was popularized a nice campaign consisting of throwing over a bucket with cold water. Known as the “Ice Bucket Challenge” (challenge or challenge of the ice water bucket) started an advertising campaign in solidarity with the patients of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. For a few months, the nets were filled with videos of people throwing cold water over.

Now that fun challenge has mutated into a dangerous variant: throwing yourself or others (or drinking) very hot or boiling water, something that can only have one end: terrible burn injuries or even death.

The absurd practice has been called the ‘Hot Water Challenge’ and is becoming a fad in the US that has left several victims after several children have unconsciously tried to imitate the videos they saw on the networks.

According to Time, a girl as young as eight years old has died in Florida after trying to drink boiling water after a cousin of her had tried it before. The little girl suffered severe burns in the trachea that finally caused her death.

Also, an 11-year-old girl has been admitted to a hospital after her friends poured boiling water over her face while she slept. She suffered third-degree burns on 90% of her face.

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