Is Homeopathy Effective or Useless ?

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Homeopathy is considered a pseudoscience, but in its origins was conceived as a system of alternative medicine in the eyes of its creator, the German Samuel Hahnemann. This ancient knowledge was used even by the ancient Egyptians, experts say after analyzing the content of their papyri.

Does Homeopathy Work ?

To cure a disease, the patient was prescribed a tiny amount of a substance, which in large quantities could produce the same symptoms as the disease it is intended to treat. That is to say, by reducing the dose, the side effects of the medicine previously applied in large quantities disappeared, the reason why Hahnemann deduced that the people were being cured. What happened was that the fact of not feeling the side effects gave more vitality and energy to the patients, who felt better when in fact they did not do it. Instead of treating the disease, the symptoms were treated.

What causes these types of substances, is known as the placebo effect, which makes a patient’s symptoms improve using substances that do not attack his disease and therefore do not improve it; that is, it does not improve, but it feels better. Traditional medicines also have this effect, but also directly attack the disease in question. However, millions of users around the world use it daily why? The motives are diverse, but the one that stands out most is, evidently, the relief sensation of the annoying symptoms that the traditional medicines provoke.

Its applications are varied, from to give birth to cure cancer. But apparently not all physicians agree with this placebo, and many of them have dedicated specific studies to show that it should not be used because of its lack of effectiveness. This is the case of Professor Paul Glasziou, of the University of Bond, who after many studies have concluded that there is no evidence that can prove the effectiveness of homeopathy in any treatment.

The fact that this medicine is “personalized” attracts many people who, after trying generic drugs that did not adapt in the best way to their particular case, decide to try alternative medicine and see in homeopathy its best option. In some countries, there are even hospitals devoted entirely to homeopathic treatments, such as the National Homeopathic Hospital of Mexico. Although its science is questioned and rejected around the world, at present, this hospital works nothing more and nothing less than a vaccine against a disease that affects everyone: dengue. Although not intended to combat it directly, it aims to stimulate the human body to create antibodies specific to this pathology.

In Spain, the controversy reached a new stage when the news was known that the University of Barcelona would eliminate its postgraduate in Homeopathy after receiving a report from the Faculty of Medicine that criticized the lack of scientific basis of this pseudoscience. This biannual master’s degree was started in 2004, and this year had already enrolled about 20 students, who will finish their studies in October and will be the last professionals trained in the subject by this study center.

The Spanish Society of Homeopathic Medicine and the Spanish Federation of Homeopathic Physicians are fully committed to the defense of this discipline, and they request collaboration from all those interested in its continued application. With different initiatives, FEMH intends in a way to “save” this knowledge in different parts of the world, spreading petitions to end this battle between traditional medicine and the alternative.

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