Holy week in an airport: to survive long layovers and delays

While we count down the days to the arrival of summer, Holy Week is the second date that records more displacement to go to the beach, the countryside or get to know any foreign city.

And when you travel by plane, it is already known that one of the drawbacks can be staying pulled in the airport… Long stopovers, flight delays due to bad weather or cancellations are only some of the reasons that can lead you to spend more time than you expected, circling like a hamster pissed off by the terminal.

  • In Europe there are airports with rest areas to take a nap, showers, and cheap capsule.
  • What time will do in Holy Week?


Keep in mind that not all airports have shops open 24 hours, many close when it takes off the last flight. The best thing is that you stockpile of supplies in case you get hungry during the night.

I’ve been pulled, what do I do?

Just in case, bring a survival kit with you: ear plugs, devices of entertainment (book, music, laptop, game console, magazine), a cable to charge the battery, headphones and a pillow for the neck.

If it turns out that catches you at night, as you tap to sleep there. The mere fact of thinking in this possibility is disturbing to some people, while others have no such qualms in taking a nap on the bank of an airport.

There are airports that have specific areas with special chairs so that sleep does not become a chinese torture. Munich (Germany), Helsinki (Finland), or Zurich (Switzerland) are some of the that have rest areas with comfortable chairs and cushioned benches so that passengers can stretch out completely. To have a service of shower to make it a more pleasant wait. It is not like staying in a five star hotel in Thailand, but it could be worse.

If all, all you do not want to sleep in the terminal there is another solution: pay a Yotel, a hotel accommodation within the airport terminal is inspired by the hotel capsule Japan. A standard cabin can be rented for a minimum of four hours and has a bathroom with a shower, a bed, a desk, a folding and a tele.

In Europe, only the airports of Heathrow and Gatwick, both in London; Charles de Gaulle (Paris) and Schiphol (Amsterdam) have these facilities.

At the time of travel we do not have very in account the clothes, but it is important. Yes, it may be nonsense, but both the flight terminal as the interior of the airplane can become a hell for the fault of heaters and air-conditioners. The most ideal is to bring multiple layers to remove and put in case you make a unbearable heat or a wave of cold siberian.

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