They want this flying car to open the tokyo olympics

It’s called SkyDrive, and it’s the dream of any Madrid driver at rush hour. Its designers belong to Cartivator, a startup funded by Toyota. The entrepreneurs of this company began to develop the flying vehicle three years ago through crowdfunding until the Japanese company offered to sponsor the project with $ 385,000 and the invaluable help of its engineers.

It is expected that its presentation will be at the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, where the flying vehicle could be responsible for lighting the Olympic torch. For now, the car has shown in the tests to be able to rise a few seconds but quickly crashes to the ground. It has several batteries, sensors and eight propellers that try to keep you in the air, but it is still in the development phase. The engineers estimate that they will be able to have a more stable vehicle in flight by the end of 2018.

In addition to the feat of making a car that flies, the startup intends that its design is the smallest electric vehicle in the world so that it can be used in urban spaces and commercialize it successfully by 2025.

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