What is the Future of Biotechnology as a Career Choice ?

biotechnology future

Biotechnology is based on the knowledge of biology and microbiology to study the mechanisms and interactions of living things and their properties, with the aim of creating, from this knowledge, goods, and services that improve the quality of society. That said may sound very distant, but believe it, or not biotechnology is more present in your life than you think.

Through biotechnological techniques, we can modify and improve the food we consume every day. For example, that yogurt that you eat every morning arises from a biotechnological process that consists of adding certain organisms to the milk so that they ferment it until transforming it into that delight that makes your mornings happy. The beer you drink when you go out partying, wine and other energy drinks are also created thanks to the collaboration of biotechnologists dedicated specifically to the food field.

Future of Biotechnology

While this science has unleashed multiple discussions around the world, mainly for the manufacture of transgenic foods, the truth is that it has more benefits than disadvantages. Their uses are practically infinite and are becoming more known thanks to the progress of the research of different scientists around the world. From curing diseases such as cancer to solving crimes that are too complex, modifying certain drugs so that their effects are not as harmful, and even combating the world’s famine by manufacturing larger crops resistant to extreme temperatures: biotechnology is presented as the science that everything can.

This infinity of possibilities caught the attention of Jorge Arturo Soriano Campos, a 21-year-old Mexican who studies Engineering in Biotechnology at the Autonomous Popular University of the State of Puebla and dreams of discovering something that allows solving social and environmental problems. Thanks to La Carrera Especial, Jorge visited the National Laboratory of Genomics for Biodiversity (LANGEBIO) in the city of Irapuato, Mexico.

In this journey through the world of biotechnology, Jorge meets Luis Rafael Herrera Estrella, a Doctor of Science who specializes in molecular biology and plant genetics that will help him to know the work done in the LANGEBIO. Together, Jorge and Luis will explore the different possibilities that their discipline offers to improve the situation of different areas related to the environment and food.

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