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Why has donald trump blocked stephen king on twitter

The world will not get better, but since Donald Trump is president, journalists have gotten bored. Since the beginning of its mandate, newspapers and news websites have been filled with facts of the most varied that will make us ashamed to those who read this part of our history in this future. But fortunately or unfortunately, there are some victims who can not continue reading the nonsense of the 45th President of the United States.

This week, Trump has blocked famous horror writer Stephen King on Twitter. The motives? Evident: say what the blond entrepreneur does not want to hear. After several arguments against him, the US president decided to block the author of Carrie to ‘tear’ his criticisms. It’s not a surprise since it’s not the first time you block someone because you do not like their opinions. Before King, journalists, veterans, singers and other politicians have been victims.

The White House has not made any statements on this issue. We assume that the poor press officers will be saturated.

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