What is the difference between tablet & ebook reader

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As technology advances, the way we study changes. It is not so frequent that we have grown up carrying kilos and kilos of paper, notes, and books in our backpack. However, in this modern age, it is increasingly common to find digitized books. Both ebook readers and tablets are the most chosen devices for carrying academic files, but each one has a specific functionality that you should know, and so choose the most convenient for you.

Although they look similar, the size of their screen and its functionality, battery life, as well as Internet access are the main features that differentiate them. If you are looking for one of these devices, you surely need to read while traveling to the School or even while on vacation. However, there are other factors that intervene to choose one or the other.

Lovers of reading, as well as those who must read several books to study, it is convenient to opt for an ebook reader. These have an “electronic ink” instead of a backlit screen like the mobile or the computer. This new format, does not need to use brightness, but it pretends to be a paper and the reader does not damage its view, besides that can be used outdoors easily. The ebook readers have many angles so that the reading can be done in the posture that you want. Although there are several options on the market,

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The battery, thanks to electronic ink, usually lasts much longer than a tablet. In addition to not having games or applications, the ebook reader will allow you to study for several hours without having to load it every few hours. Unlike tablets, with ebooks, you can read as long as you want the same page because the battery will be consumed when you change the content to show, i.e., when you pass the page.

Weight and size are key functions for those who use electronic devices. Ebook readers are often lighter and fit in the palm, while tablets have screens between 7 and 10 inches, giving us more room to read. If you need to use the Internet frequently to search for content, or use apps to accompany your study, it is a good idea to get a tablet.

You can also play multimedia files like videos and images to study. While its battery lasts less, just because of some things we can do, tablets are a recommended option for those looking for something more than just read. That is, if you need more material than just reading files, the tablets will be your best choice.

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