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What is deep learning and why is it important to your education

Your name does not seem familiar, but every day you are in contact with products obtained from Deep Learning, that’s why we tell you what deep learning is and what it is for ?

Those who began to imagine the idea of ​​creating machines as intelligent as human beings, true pioneers in the field of Artificial Intelligence, dreamed of imitating the neural processes that lead a person to develop certain types of knowledge. However, when it came to putting this idea into practice, the challenge turned out to be too complex.

What is Deep Learning ?

Although every day that is happening new developments in the field of robotics, and automation seems increasingly close, the idea of imitating the complexities of the human brain seems impossible.

Except for scientists who work using Deep Learning as a teaching method for machines. Why if I publish something on Facebook about the beach I start to see airfare ads and hotels for vacations in the Caribbean? The answer lies in Deep Learning.

When talking about Deep Learning, deep learning, or deep neural networks, we refer to a series of algorithms that seek to imitate the process that the human brain makes when trying to recognize faces, voices or words. That is to say, a group of algorithms that tries to get the machines to think the same way that the human beings, that manage to make the same neural connections and thus to arrive at the same results.

In robotics, machines learn through the guidance of man, who in a way “teaches” them how to act and what processes to follow. What Deep Learning contributes is the possibility of generating independence, that with these algorithms the machines are able to realize an abstraction similar to the one made by the human brain to learn on its own, to find meanings and to make associations on their own.

Big companies like Google, Apple and Facebook already use Deep Learning in their products , allowing them to interpret human language, recognize faces or suggest content by analyzing the tastes and actions of each individual. At the moment this is the most frequent use for Deep Learning, but due to the possibilities offered it is expected that in a short time new uses will be generated for this technology.

Why is Deep Learning Hot Today ?

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