Covid-19 Anti-Lockdown Protests Worldwide

lockdown protest

(April 21, 2021) – Citizens in many countries are protesting against covid-19 restrictions. There are being regular reports on thousands and thousands of Anti-Lockdown protesters chanting slogans like “Peace Freedom, No Dictatorship” against Covid-19 Lockdowns.

Lets Watch Some of the Protests happening all over the world against Covid-19 Lockdowns

Seems like people are not comfortable with the restrictions being imposed on them which restricts their freedom and democratic rights. Many view these lockdown protesters believe that Dictatorship is being imposed on them in the name of restrictions.

Anti-Lockdown Protest in Berlin (21 April, 2021)

Anti-lockdown Protest, Downtown Toronto Yonge St (part2) ,Canada, Saturday April 17, 2021

Europe Covid-19 protest: Anti lockdown protests Italy (17th April, 2021)

Germany: COVID sceptics stage ‘silent march’ against government restrictions (April, 19-2021)

Colombians protest against virus lockdown measures in Bogota (17 April, 2021)

Anti-lockdown protest in Niagara Falls, Canada (April 18, 2021)

UK Anti-lockdown Protest | Over 30 Arrested In London As Demonstration Turns Violent

Hundreds defy curfew as protest against COVID-19 measures in Montreal turns destructive (12th April, 2021)

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