What is the Correct Sitting Posture for Sitting in Front of Computer/Laptop

correct sitting posture

Contractures and back pain are some of the most common health problems among college students. Follow the advice of the experts and learn to sit correctly

Learn how to sit properly while you study to avoid back pain

One of the main problems that students suffer is the constant back pains, most of them caused by bad postures and impossible forms. It is true that university students should spend long hours sitting in class, in the library, and at home, but following the following tips, you will be able to overcome the year without knots or contractures.

The first thing we have to do is to learn to sit correctly, supporting the ischia (according to the SAR: “bone that in adult mammals joins the ilium and the pubis to form the innominate bone, and constitutes the back of this”). The back should remain slightly arched, shoulders slightly back and head straight. The best in these cases is to leave your feet on the floor and knees at a 90-degree angle. Crossing your legs and sitting on them should always be avoided.

The position, however, varies for all those who study with a computer, since these students will have to place the screen about 55 centimeters from the face and in a straight line to avoid turning the body. The keyboard is another element to consider. Try to place it about 10 centimeters from the edge of the desk, a distance that will allow you to support your wrists and write more easily. To achieve an ideal posture, place the arm and forearm at a 90-degree angle.

Fundamental is also to establish periodic breaks every half hour. At this time you can use to go to the bathroom, eat something or walk, thus activate the circulation of the legs and avoid the unpleasant feeling of fatigue and numbness. Reserve a few seconds to do muscular exercises in the chair, making movements of the head, arms, hands, and shoulders.

What usually begins as prolonged fatigue, a numbness of the joints or a slight annoyance can become a contracture. These continuous and involuntary contractions of the muscles can cause intense pain in the area, which will only come with rest, massages and special treatments.

Do not make study suffer! Learn to sit properly and enjoy healthy iron.

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