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Controlling your smartphone from your computer is possible

Believe it or not, you can control your Smartphone from the computer with these simple apps that will allow you to work on both computers at the same time

In the office or at home, for work or simply leisure, sometimes we want to use the laptop and check certain notifications of the mobile. Doing this once every so often will not hurt our productivity, but when they do not stop sounding and distract us from the task we were performing is necessary to take action.

Mute your mobile? It may be an option, but it is not the only one since thanks to a series of applications it is possible to control the Smartphone without taking your eyes off the computer. This way you can take care of what happens on both screens but without having to divert the view from one device to another.

What apps are these? Here are some options:

1) AirDroid

With this app you can control from a Smartphone to a tablet, accessing the contents and apps, it stores as well as the calls it receives. This requires that both the laptop and the mobile are connected to the same wifi network.

2) Parallels 2X MDM

This app also works with wifi, and in addition to the typical features like transfer and organize files, allows you to see the same as the Smartphone camera sees. In this way, the mobile can become a video surveillance system.

3) Mobizen

Mobizen is well known in the field of videogames, as it allows you to video record everything you see on the screen of the Smartphone, making gamers able to keep their most memorable games. It allows you to answer calls from your computer with a simple Wi-Fi connection from both devices, which does not necessarily have to be on the same network.

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