Importance of Hiring New York Construction Accident Lawyers

Construction workers constantly use scaffolding, ladders, winches, conveyor belts, cranes, power tools, motor graders, forklifts and other types of electrical machinery that can cause serious bodily injury. Workers can fall on the construction site due to scaffolding accident, and sometimes from very high heights, despite using the necessary straps and harnesses or other protective devices.

New York Construction Accident Lawyer help workers hurt in on-the-job accidents get the compensation they need for injuries or rehabilitation. There are very few ways to make a living that is more dangerous than being a construction worker. Do Visit New York Accident Lawyer Now.

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Workers can be injured as a result of defective scaffolding, collapsed scaffolding, faulty ladders, steep stairs, unsecured ladders, falling objects, improperly hoisted objects, subsidence of floors or floors, tool malfunction, demolition, contact with dangerous substances or lack of supply of protective goggles or breathing apparatus.

Importance of Hiring Best Lawyers in Construction Accident Lawsuits

Not every worker’s compensation law firm is capable of handling complicated cases of lawsuits related to construction issues and work accidents. You should consult with Top 10 construction accident lawyers to get justice and compensation you deserve.

Construction Workers are also exposed to Abestos. Find New York Mesothelioma Lawyers.

Construction workers and their families may not know that sections 200, 240 and 241 of New York labor law give them rights and protection. The New York Labor Laws protect construction workers from dangerous and unsafe working conditions. They can have legal solutions at their disposal, in addition to compensation for work accident insurance. It is possible that construction workers sue property owners, general contractors and other entities responsible for their injuries, regardless of any claim for compensation for work accidents.

Section 240 of the laws of New York provides special protections to workers who fall victim to “accidents related to gravity.” Normally, this has to do with workers who are injured by falling off scaffolding or a ladder or through floor openings that are unprotected or sheltered. Sometimes this has to do with those who are injured as debris or materials fall.

How to Find Best Personal Injury Lawyers in New York

The New York construction workers are protected by the “strict liability” law, better known as the New York Labor Law 240, although the fall is the result of a defective ladder, a scaffolding that collapsed or an opening without protection. Section 240 of the laws of New York provides special protections to workers who fall victim to “accidents related to gravity.” Normally, this has to do with workers who are injured by falling off scaffolding or a ladder or through floor openings that are unprotected or sheltered. Sometimes this has to do with those who are injured as debris or materials fall. According to the “strict liability law” of the state of New York (the labor law 240), once the construction worker proves that he was injured as a result of falling from a certain height, he has already fulfilled his obligation. The injured worker does not have to provide further evidence of the negligence, fault or intent of the owner or general contractor. Quite simply, they are held “objectively responsible.”

If you or a loved one is injured or killed in a construction accident, in that case, the compensation you may receive for your injuries will come from a variety of sources. The owners, general contractors, heads of works, architects, engineers and other contractors can be held responsible for the injury suffered at the site of the work. If you are hurt in Bronx, do consult with accident lawyer now.

Often, profits take priority over safety in the workplace, and this is at the expense of the workers. In New York, construction involves heavy equipment such as cranes, elevators, scaffolding, and ladders. Construction work is dangerous, and the failure of a contractor to follow proper safety procedures could result in accidents causing broken bones, spinal cord injury, brain injury, paralysis, and amputations. Construction accident lawyers & lawsuits in Queens and the Bronx offer compassionate and expert legal representation to help new york personal injury victims obtain the financial compensation they are entitled to. In New York, Worker’s Compensation benefits only provide a portion of the compensation that a construction worker can claim and receive. In addition to Workers Compensation, the victim of a construction accident may also be entitled to file a claim for suffering and other economic damages caused by accidentIt is essential to hire an expert Brooklyn NY accident attorney.

We are compassionate Construction Attorneys, focused on the details, and will strive to develop a strategy tailored to your needs. Our team understands the difficulties that an injured worker and their family will often face after an accident, and we are committed to treating you as you would like to be treated in this challenging situation.

Defend Your Rights After a Construction Accident

In New York, special protection for construction workers is contemplated by legislation under the New York Labor Law, Sections 200, 240, and 241 (6). These rules require owners and contractors to comply with non-delegable obligations on workers, which means that they could be held liable even if they hire other companies to perform the construction or to keep the site under construction safe. In fact, according to the Labor Law, an owner can be found guilty even if the contracted work is carried out on the property without his knowledge. To vigorously defend your rights, you should seek the advice of an accident law firm in the Bronx, Queens, or the New York metropolitan area.

Section 240 (1) attributes responsibility for the safety of the work site to the owners and contractors involved in the construction, demolition, repair, alteration, painting, cleaning, or masonry in a building or structure. Section 240 ( is often referred to as the Scaffolding Act, which states responsible (100%) to a landlord or contractor for accidents involving worker falls, or materials and equipment, regardless of any worker’s failure, if it is proven not to. The appropriate safety equipment was provided and that this was the “immediate” cause of the accident. These types of accident injuries include falls from ladders, scaffolding, and buildings. Accidents that involve falls from cranes, elevators, and materials or equipment that should have been properly secured; They will also be included in this category. The proper security of the equipment includes ladders, scaffolding, harnesses, barricades, screens, and railings.

The New York Labor Law requires owners and contractors to provide workers with adequate protection that will prevent accidents involving tipping ladders, collapsing scaffolds, or other protective devices that fail. Owners and contractors have been found 100% responsible for not providing workers with adequate and safe lifelines or secure tie-down points. Owners and contractors are also responsible for covering dangerous openings, where a worker is exposed and in danger of falling. The protection of the New York Labor Law extends to the proper and safe operation of machinery and equipment such as cranes, elevators, excavators and more.

The New York Labor Law, Sections 200 and 241 (6) also requires owners and contractors to protect workers involved in construction, demolition, and other construction-related activities. NYC Construction accident law cover many different types of accidents that could occur on the job site such as trips and fall on rubble or ramps and slips and fall in corridors. They also require owners and contractors to comply with specific standards such as weight requirements for handrails surrounding scaffolding or placing covers over dangerous openings to protect workers from falls from height. There are countless other applications. Whether you are looking for an injury attorney or NY Construction Accident Lawyer do contact us now.

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