Community College of Rhode Island offers two years of free career with RI Promise Scholarships


All Rhode Island residents, who are under 19, who graduated from High School or completed the GED in 2017, are eligible to attend a two-year career at the Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI) for free. of the RI Promise Scholarship.

The RI Promise Grant can be applied to any associate degree program at CCRI. A CCRI Advisor will work with you to select a program and build a course schedule that works for you.

So far there is no limit to how many people can register, but Community College anticipates that the number of students who could enter this fall through this new program is about 1,200.

The priority deadline is August 25, although the CCRI will accept students who will register after that date.

“Our financial aid office encourages implementation before August 25 to increase the maximum amount of financial aid,” Patrick Stone, CCRI Communications Director, told the newspaper.

Currently, 38% of the student population of the Community College of Rhode Island is identified as the minority, and of that number, 20% identify themselves as Latinos.

CCRI was the only higher education institution that received approval for the implementation of the two-year free enrollment program at the state’s universities, proposed by Governor Gina Raimondo.

The original proposal, which involved an investment of $ 30,000,000 by 2021, was reduced to $ 2,800,000 in the budget law for the fiscal year 2018, which was approved by the state Legislature.

“Our children deserve a chance to succeed. The new state budget makes Rhode Island is the first state on the East Coast that offers education community college for free to all high school graduates. The scholarship Rhode Island Promise offers opportunity thousands of Rhode Islanders who just want a chance to win a good job, “Raimondo said in a statement offered to Acontecer Latino.

By granting this facility to its residents, Rhode Island has become one of only four states with a similar law in the United States (the other three are Oregon, New York, and Tennesse ).

“We were very happy when we learned that the Rhode Island Promise program had made it through the state legislature.We had been planning this all summer, and it has been exciting to see so many students already taking advantage of the program.We already have more than 1,100 students who will participate in Promise RI this fall, “Stone said.

Also, he said that this program would provide access to higher education for so many students who otherwise would not have the opportunity due to financial constraints.

“We are proud that RI Promise has arrived at the CCRI and we hope to show our state and our country the true value of a CCRI education,” he concluded.

Steps to register

To begin the process and be ready to begin classes in September, applicants must complete an application at the CCRI, complete the FAFSA (financial aid form), obtain their official transcripts from the high school, and sign the official RI Promise certification, which can be found on the CCRI website.

If you think you need help completing any of these steps, you can go to any CCRI campus to receive this assistance.

Additional details about how to obtain this benefit can be found at, or by calling (401) 825-2003.

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