How to Buy Computer for School/College Students

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If your child starts college and you have to buy a computer that allows you to meet your new academic needs, you should pay attention to certain minimum characteristics that you must have. Also, before you look at a budget to spend and think about what they will use the machine.

The connoisseurs of the market assure that the ideal thing is not to buy a computer, last model since these will be to half of price in a short time product of the continuous changes of the market. In turn, the device you purchase must allow the possibility of increasing your memory both RAM and hard disk. The characteristics that must be taken into account when making the purchase are the following:

1. Processor. This is key since it is considered the brain of the team. If you have money, ideally you should invest in one that is powerful enough to run graphic and other softwares which are now part of the computer/IT Education. Otherwise, and if you only use the device to use Word, Excel, and Internet, there are the Intel Celeron and Athlon II X2 AMD, or the most modern A4.

2. RAM. The higher your RAM, the more programs you can smoothly run. You should go for a minimum 2 GB of Ram which can be upto 4 GB.

3. Monitor. If you are going to give it a normal use and do not need the computer to do graphic work, you can choose to buy a 17-inch and 15-inch monitor if we talk about a laptop and if you plan to use it on the desktop.

4. Hard drive: You can buy a 500 GB – 1 TB hard drive. It will depend on the type of file you store on your computer. Text documents, presentations or pdf documents do not take up too much space, but if you save lots of videos and photos, disk space will be more limited.

5. Size: If you are going to use it on your desktop, it is best to opt for a bigger laptop and not the small ones, the screens are smaller, making it difficult to pay attention to detail and affect your comfort. On the other hand, if you want the machine to take to class or move frequently, it is better to opt for more compact and light models.

6. PORTS :Ideally, you have two HDMI outputs and atleast 3-4 USB ports. If you also use the computer to play, you must be careful with the graphics card you buy. The higher the graphics resolution, the larger the graphics card would be required.

Note: Computers have higher performance as compared to Laptops of same configuration. You have to decide whether you wish to go for Computer or Laptop. Computers give you advance to have custom configuration which laptop does not offer.

If you decide to buy a laptop then you must consider following points.

Quick Guide to purchase a laptop for college/students

Always go for laptops which offer following features:-

  1. Light Weight
  2. Fast
  3. Low price – High Price does not necessarily mean high performance.
  4. Good Battery life
  5. Good Support – Go with Dell, Lenovo, Acer, HP
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