Canon EOS 6D : Latest News, Review and Price

canon eos 60d

Less than a week after Canon’s arch-rival Nikon grabbed headlines with the D600, Canon has responded well with an announcement of its own price-conscious full frame DSLR, the EOS 6D.

Canon has launched new DSLR which is equipped with a Full Frame Range at a much cheaper price. Company is offering a cash discount of Rs.20000 for those who wish to buy this amazing camera at Amazon.

And it is here when Canon (and also Nikon) comes on the scene bringing the Canon EOS 6D, a model with FF sensor but somewhat more decaffeinated than its sister, or what is the same, including a camera between the current Canon 7D and the 5D Mark III, double frame.

Finally, in we have been able to get hands on access to this new DSLR of Canon to give you best information:

Some of its unique features as as below:-

  • 20.2-megapixel CMOS “Hybrid” full-frame (24 × 36mm) CMOS sensor
  • Processor Digic V +
  • 11 focus points, with phase detection AF
  • ISO of 100 – 25,600
  • Burst up to 4.5 fps
  • Full HD (1080p) video recording at 30, 25 and 24 fps
  • WiFi and GPS built-in camera body
  • Design and ergonomics

The first point that catches your eye when you have this new 6D in your hands is its size. The size of the body is somewhat smaller than usual for what we are accustomed to in this type of cameras of the pro segment of Canon. It is true that knowing that you have a sensor so large, the first thing you can imagine is that its size will be at least equal to that of a Canon 7D, but its size is even somewhat smaller.

Canon 6D rear

But do not fool us the sizes, this new 6D has a robust finish and very similar to the cameras in the pro series (it is true that we do not talk about the same sealing as them). Its grip is very good, and despite reducing the size and leave it very close to that of a 60D, it does not detract anything its grip and its finishes.

In the button section, you have to say that you do not notice spectacular news regarding what we can find in the ranges of Canon (if we talk about the new 5D MarkIII), except for things like the lack of stick. Otherwise, we find almost the same buttons and dials, which are well positioned and all of them in the places where we are accustomed to finding them within this brand.

The camera has an SD card slot on the right side, and micro, HDMI and USB outputs on the left side along with the shutter release. As you can see a success of the incorporation of the output of micro, although it is not one of the best cameras to record video.

The battery used is the LP-E6, which carries the 5D Mark III, 5D MarkII, and 7D. And like all these do not have retractable flash (something that usually uses Canon to differentiate their cameras from the consumer segment of the pro)

Canon 6D Card

Finally the screen, which shows that the new anti-reflective design is noticeable; although it is true that not in an incredible way to solve them in all situations and from all angles.

Shooting with the Canon EOS 6D

The truth is that the Canon 6D is a camera that despite its size seems that its center of gravity does not suffer too much when mounting optical of a certain extent, although when it is mounted a 70-200 f2,8 the set is slightly “strange.”

The grip, as I said before, is quite good and at the time of shooting with it does not notice its size excessively.

Canon 6D Floor

Within the shooting modes the camera includes some options of cameras of the sector consumer (Canon 60D etc …), but they do not subtract an excellent behavior of the camera for a more professional use. In fact, the menus of the camera are very extensive and with many options, incorporating the possibility of compensating the WB or even having an own menu for the approach as in the 5D MarkIII (although not so extensive).

The inclusion of new and more professional options in this camera, such as exposure compensation up to + -5, make it an excellent body for people who perform professional work at its beginnings, and certainly the second body. Although one of the options that can do differently to this camera when it comes to photography concerning other Canon DSLR is the built-in Wi-Fi in the body (then I’ll analyze a little is this option).

Canon 6D Trial

In addition to this, the options for HDR and Multiple Exposure seem very interesting to me; but in my view, too automatic so that they can be useful in the professional field, despite its good operation.

The camera left me with a 24-105 f4 L, but I’ve done tests with all kinds of targets (especially those I usually work with). From fixed as the 100 Macro L to zooms like the 70-200 f2.8, and I can say that the camera responds spectacularly well in image quality with objectives of acceptable quality. It seems that the density of the sensor behaves well with large definition lenses in the center and corners (although all this requires a more extensive and concrete analysis depending on each lens).

The autofocus is pretty decent, and if anyone has a 5D MarkII, you will realize that this camera is light years away from the focus of it (not all that difficult said by the way). However, it is neither by better than the approach of the new 5D MarkIII and is that if you only note the 11 focus points concerning the 61. The tracking approach works very well, and all the customizable options of it will make the results improve as you take the quiet.

Image quality, the most remarkable point

When I first had the camera in my hands, I thought that, despite being an FF sensor, it was very difficult to make the image good enough to pose as the first body for people who dedicate themselves to photography, but at the end of a few shots my doubts were cleared.

Aside from the good AF’s work (which I mentioned earlier), the image is very very good, coming to place it very close to his older sister the new 5D MarkIII. As you can see, behaves great to high ISOS, and although in my opinion still a little bit the automatic WB warming the image a little, both noise and dynamic range has greatly improved the old FF sensors of the brand.

Canon 6D ISO Test

There is no doubt that in this field, Canon has achieved a “cheap” camera with outstanding image performance.

The dynamic range is pretty good (about 12 stops), although I have to admit that in certain shots it is a bit lacking compared to the direct competition. That yes, the same thing does not happen with the noise.

Canon 6D Test

I made shots of everything from photography to photography to studio photography thanks to my friends and colleagues of Puerta 6 Studio, and I must say that the camera is very versatile as you can see.

Wi-Fi and GPS connectivity, secondary features

It offers both the amazing features

Canon 6D Wi-Fi

The camera allows you to connect to a smartphone, television, a computer, a printer or the internet (YouTube for example). Success, since being able to view the shots from a smartphone (for example) or shoot through it, get a polyvalence in the shots, more than palpable, not seen before in any DSLR (if included in many CSC now). This option is the one that I see more novel since the ability to view images in the smartphone was already possible by transmitting them through an Eye-Fi card, but not being able to see on the screen of your devices the Live View of it, change the parameters and shoot.

Canon 6D Wifi

All this is done through an application (in the case of the smartphone) and the camera software on the computer. A good point for Canon, as it is an option with real profits within the professional sector; although I should mention that the point that should improve is this application, which I found to be considerably slow and sometimes desperate.

As I show you, I used the camera to capture some detail in street photography, another of the options in which we can use this function.

On the subject of GPS, the camera perfectly controls the shots, so that you can organize them well in our image manager. The truth is that there is not too much mystery this option. Useful if you need it, but it does not give more than it is.

Canon 6D

Wi-Fi-enabled handset from smartphone

Both options, it should be mentioned that, having them turned on consume a considerable amount of battery from the camera, which despite having a large autonomy can become very small if we do not take care of this detail.

Video, a small disappointment

And is that after the excellent image quality that this sensor shows when it comes to photography is not able to give the same possibilities in video recording. Ojo, it does not mean that his recording is mediocre at all, but if we see a sensor that behaves so similar, photographically speaking, to the 5D MarkIII, it is surprising that in certain recording situations it suffers.

Without going any further, the moiré is very very strong in this new 6D and obviously is a factor more than important. His recording is dignified but disappoints in the money paid by a camera of such possibilities, especially comparing it. Another important point is centered on its SD memory card slot, which despite using the UHS-1 protocol is still somewhat slow regarding speed compared to the current CF UDMA; and it is already known in video transfer speed if that matters, and much.

Many people may think that it is not a camera made for these needs, and obviously I will not take away their reason, but in spite of everything, I must mention it, since I consider it a point to take into account, as I am sure there will be people who they will also want to use it for recording. Anyway, and as a summary, the comment that their recording performance is acceptable but closer to that of cameras from a prosumer range.

First of all, my video test can not be very exhaustive either, let’s face it.

Conclusions and assessment

As a user of Canon, and being able to have compared it well with several models of the brand, comment that the camera I liked it enough. It offers a quality of image more than remarkable, finally getting better all the problems that users have complained in recent years, such as noise and image quality. The approach has improved, despite not being the best in the market obviously, and the integrated Wi-Fi option are two very points to keep in mind.

Canon 6D Test

Despite everything, the camera has a few small details that improve video and Wi-Fi applications (as well as autonomy with them). Another plus is the price, which has to be recognized that even if it is a cheaper camera than the 5D Mark III, it seems a little bit expensive (around € 2000 ) for someone who wants to get into the FF. Although I can also understand that given the results that it gives, it is possible that it is more aimed at the professional sector than the amateur, above all making its quality with decent optics evident.

In short, an excellent camera in general terms that can cause Canon to refloat a bit within the field of DSLR. We will see if this is so because the competition of the Nikon D600 is not going to make it easy, because for me there is still a step ahead.


4.5/5 (2)

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