Should You Buy an iPod Shuffle ?

ipod shuffle

Do you like listening to music everywhere but you do not have enough space to store your songs? Find out how to fix it in this note

The Apple iPod Shuffle is ideal for music fans who want to gather their favorite artists in a single device that allows them to store all their songs and is also practical and comfortable to perform all kinds of activities. It is small and easy to handle, adapts to all your needs and activities to give you the best sound experience.

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Its main advantage is that it is completely portable. You can carry it with you all the time and use it anywhere, even while doing sports, as it can be hooked on all kinds of bags and garments. The boring trips on the subway, the long wait in the supermarket row or the silent walks to the University are a thing of the past, with the iPod Shuffle your moments will be filled with music.

Size will make you think it is fragile and unstable, but it is not. The clip will hold firm despite your movements, the controls are just the right size so you can use it simply and without a wrong button, and best of all it allows you to store up to 240 songs. In addition to resisting movements, the iPod Shuffle is ready to give you 15 hours of autonomy so you can enjoy your music without worrying about the load.

Depending on the position of the switch the iPod will be kept off, playing music in the set order or random order. It also has the Voice Over system that recognizes 29 languages ​​and lets you know the name of the song you hear in just one second.

To enjoy without worrying about choosing the song you can allow Genius to decide for you and create lists by combining the songs that you usually listen with that you had left forgotten so that you know exactly what you have on your iPod. You can also sync your device with iTunes and add all kinds of audio files, such as podcasts or audiobooks to listen to what you want at any time and place.

The price, the wide variety of colors you can choose and its modern and compact design will make you fall in love with your iPod Shuffle and decide to buy it right now.

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