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5 Best Mobile Apps to manage personal finances

The household finances can be a real headache. Do not you get the bills too? Do not know where to cut? Take advantage of the technology and these five applications to help you in this task.


Fintonic is an application that allows you to organize your economy and know your expenses. You can check your accounts and cards at all times to know where your money is and what you are spending. Also organize all your expenses by categories and explains how and what you are wasting your salary. Have you doubled the card? Were you charged an unexpected payment? Fintonic instantly notifies you of everything that happens with your money. (Available for iOS and Android).

Clarity Money

This free application helps you to “take control of your finances” using artificial intelligence. In addition to reducing your bills, the app will cancel superfluous subscriptions and accounts you use the least, and will warn you if you think you are spending too much in a certain area. Do you need to buy a car or go on vacation? It also manages a savings account. (Available for iOS).


Qapital is “the banking application that helps you save on the things you want”, perfect for freelancers and freelancers. This app is able to automatically save on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, as you wish. Have you spent less than your budget? Did you buy an item on sale? Qapital is saving the surplus money to allow you to enjoy a mattress for unforeseen expenses or long term. (Available for iOS and Android).


This may be the easiest way to save. Link your bank accounts to Digit and let the application analyze all your expenses, your movements and your income. Whenever your finances allow you, the app may be saving small amounts that you do not need to pay the bills. All the money you save will be transferred to a savings account. Although you can have this money at any time, experts believe that if you do not see it, you will not spend it. Easier impossible! (Available for iOS and Android).


If you do not want to sync your accounts with any app, Spendee is the solution. You will have to enter all your income and expenses manually, although it is very easy to use and analyze your data more precisely than many other systems. It does not allow you to save, but it does detail where your money goes and what things you could do without. (Available for iOS and Android).

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