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Best chrome extensions for website safety

Install these Chrome extensions to ensure secure browsing when you perform searches, purchases or downloads via the Internet

The sources of knowledge, entertainment and information coexist with viruses, spies and malware that grow proportionally, sophisticating their systems on a par. Preserve the privacy of your data or searches that you perform by installing the following Chrome extensions to ensure safe browsing.

1. Password protection alert

Send alerts to change the passwords of Youtube, Google +, Gmail or other sites if necessary. The purpose is to know when a site that requests your passwords is trying to keep your data for other purposes. The extension warns you before it happens and if you detect it late, you receive an announcement to modify them.

2. Norton Safe Web

If you install it as your particular search provider , you’ll maximize your Chrome protection against identity theft or line scams. You will avoid dangerous sites while browsing or buying products online.

3.  Ghostery

Visits the hidden parts of the web , detecting crawlers, advertisements, beacons or special pixels. It drives scripts, images and documents that come from unknown or untrustworthy companies. You will have the possibility to know what each object intends, to decide if you want to block it.

4. Web of Trust

An experience-based security alternative that provides human insight into the reliability of different sites . It works like a traffic light that applies the colors red, yellow and green to warn you when a site is transparent. The classification is made taking the opinion of millions of users who have already entered the sites.

5. HTTPS Everywhere

It transforms unsafe pages into HTTPS, protecting your navigation against account hacking, surveillance and even censorship. If you use this extension, you will encrypt the data exchange you make with your provider . Pay attention to the “shield” indication in the navigation bar as the extension will notify you that the site limits both your security and privacy.

6. VTchromizer

It analyzes suspicious files to alert you about viruses, Trojans, worms and various types of malware, with 40 tools that do not replace your antivirus  but complement its action. You will avoid clicking unwanted files or downloading documents that damage the integrity of your computer.

7. Click & Clean

Delete information stored in your browser as cache, history or cookies, offering a list of them so you can choose what to keep. It corroborates security aspects in relation to the privacy of your data.

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