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If you have a virtual store, no matter how small, you have probably heard the word SEO more than once. This technique is essential to position your business on the Internet and grow in terms of sales, traffic and diffusion. But, What it is SEO and how can you use it ? That’s what we’ll talk about today, in this SEO guide for small businesses . We will first review some fundamental concepts and take a look at the statistics, to learn more about the importance and impact of this strategy in the digital age of commerce . Then we will show you how you can take advantage of small business seo to grow your business, and we will give you the best tips. Here we go! As you know, the acronym SEO means Search Engine Optimization (in Spanish, Optimization Search Engine ). As we explain in our blog, it is about a series of strategies to favor the web positioning of your business in the search results of Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. However, these strategies do not affect large companies in the same way as local businesses on the Internet. For this reason, here you will find an effective SEO guide for small companies , so that you can take advantage of the differences with the most important firms and use them to your advantage to position yourself on the Web.


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