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The digital advertising is increasingly gaining ground in companies. There are sectors that are no longer conceived almost outside the online environment, such as the reservation of trips and hotels or the consumption of movies and series on demand. There is no doubt that the different formats of digital advertising are increasingly the protagonists of marketing strategies . But what exactly is digital advertising? What are the most profitable types of ads? What formats can give me the best results? Which ones exist? To shed a little light on the matter, here I am going to explain what digital advertising is and the 8 formats that you should not lose sight of. What is digital marketing? The digital advertising are all those techniques dissemination, promotion and communication payment of a company or brand that launched in the digital environment. The Internet offers us different types of channels and platforms that help us reach our potential audience. In addition, one of the differentiating factors of digital versus offline advertising is the great capacity for segmentation and truly reaching those people who may be interested in our service or product. Examples of ads are the banners that you find on different pages or applications, this being the oldest format of digital advertising. There are banners that are a simple 1: 1 ratio image and there are those that occupy the entire background of the page, common in the media. Or the audiovisual ads that you find among the YouTube videos. There is a video ad format that lasts only 6 seconds and is called bumper ad . Types of digital marketing companies The type of digital advertising will always depend on the marketing strategy of the project. Each type of digital advertising is more effective in specific segments and the correct use of them can have a better impact. Digital advertising uses different types of formats and strategies in the virtual medium. The most common guideline formats are: Banners : traditional virtual poster format in spaces purchased on certain web pages. Search Engine Ads: Ads paid to rank high on the search engine results page. Native advertising : new tool created especially for social networks. Less intrusive, highly segmented, and is labeled “sponsored by.” Advertising on social networks : it uses traditional techniques but its exposure is highly segmented by age, region, interests, among others. Email marketing : uses email and the information it may hold to promote the product or service. Advertising and digital marketing Companies Digital marketing coordinates digital public relations, communication and advertising efforts. As digital media, platforms on the internet, mobile applications and digital television are considered. Thanks to the knowledge already acquired from marketing , digital advertising becomes an important part of marketing strategies that were migrating to the digital field.


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