10 tips for healthy eating

Having a healthy diet is essential to ensure the normal functioning of our cognitive, physical and online skills. Incorporate healthy habits into your life and feel the change

The most important thing to eat well is not to be online but to feel good about yourself and that your organism is in its normal functioning. Also, remember to be 100% in conditions in addition to ingesting healthy foods you must do sport .


Arguments like “I do not have time to cook,” “I do not know how to cook,” or “healthy eating comes out expensive” are just excuses to opt for tasty but heavy junk food with a high fat percentage.

Also, take note of the 10 tips that we propose below and that will be extremely useful to feed you correctly.

1) Set times for your meals

Ideally, you can set schedules for the four main meals of the day. Setting schedules and respecting them will be a great first step to becoming healthier.

2) Chew food slowly

It is not a race, to properly digest food you must chew them for a considerable time. You will also feel satiated faster and gradually you will notice how your portions become smaller.

3) Eat fruits and vegetables

In order for you to like them, investigate how they seem most enjoyable to you.

4) Consume skimmed or low-fat dairy products

It is not just about eating right, but about controlling what you eat and choosing the best foods.

5) Choose products with healthy fats such as olive oil or those that are rich in antioxidants

6) Consume fish

It is recommended that you eat fish 3 or more times per week, especially blue.

7) Consume meats with low fat intake

You can eat chicken, turkey, rabbit or ostrich meat.

8) Drink lots of water

Remember that soda or sodas are very sugary and have lots of calories.

9) Practice exercise

Ideally you can do it four times a week and for about 40 minutes.

10) Decide in time

Whenever you make a diet, notice that it is recommended by a professional and do not forget that there are no miracle remedies that in a couple of days will make you lose weight.

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