10 Amazing Things to do and see in Lisbon

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The amazing capital of Portugal, Lisbon offers tourist plenty of amazing things to enrich your travel experience. The best things about Lisbon is that is has a fascinating past which reflects in its opulent churches, monuments, and fascinating museums. You will see some of the best places here at Lisbon, Portugal.

As if this were not enough, it is full of shops, bars, and restaurants in which to taste good fish and seafood. So whether you decide to mix with the locals in one of the crowded cafes or simply want a quiet place from which to watch the sea while having a glass of wine, Lisbon will seduce you.

Let us Start with 10 Amazing Places You must visit in Lisbon, Spain

1. Castle of St. George

From the sixth century, the eighteen towers of the Castle of San Jorge dominate with elegance the profile of the city. From its privileged position, you can admire almost all the places to see in Lisbon. This fortification has survived sieges, wars and an earthquake and today are the most popular tourist attraction of the Portuguese capital. Visitors can discover more about the interesting past of the city in the castle museum which is located in the old palace. Or you can visit the Ulysses Tower, which today houses a Dark Chamber with which you can enjoy views of the whole city in real time.

2. Tower of Belem

One of the symbols par excellence to see in Lisbon and absolutely a must see. The Bethlehem Tower was built at the beginning of the 16th century on the banks of the Tagus River as a defensive structure and also to welcome travelers returning from exploring the world. This jewel of Portuguese architecture is a true wonder and no wonder it is a World Heritage Site of Unesco. A visit that will leave you wanting to sail to exotic places. Right next to it is the Monument to the Discoveries, a place of the most photogenic.

3. Santa Justa Elevator

Despite having the look of any prodigy worthy of being in a Tim Burton movie, this neogothic wrought-iron elevator could be overlooked. It is tucked away in an alley in the commercial heart of Lisbon and is one of the most interesting architectural pieces to see in Lisbon. Its design was influenced by the Eiffel Tower and serves to connect the lowest and highest point of the city. In the old days of carriages and horses, it was an excellent way to move objects and people. Today, however, its greatest attraction is the panoramic views from the top. Once up, take the opportunity to stroll through the bohemian neighborhood of Chiado, the “Montmartre” Lisbon, and get lost in the romantic ruins of the church of Carmo, destroyed during the Great Earthquake.

4. Alfama

If you are looking for the romanticism and the melancholy of the oldest capital in Europe, among the things to do without fail in Lisbon, you must include a visit to the neighborhood of Alfama. The most ancestral neighborhood of the city is an area that gives the feeling of having been there almost always, or almost, with the laundry hanging from the balconies of its colorful buildings and children playing in the streets. In this neighborhood, you will discover some incredible churches and houses full of tiles that will take away your senses. The historical center of Lisbon is the ideal place to get away from the mundane noise and enjoy a good coffee with a local sweet. If you are going in late June, do not miss the San Antonio holiday celebrations on its steep streets.

5. Take a Tram

Without a doubt, this is one of the most typical things to do in Lisbon. Although there are many ways to get around the city, to go and not hopping on one of your historic yellow trams is almost a capital sin. They are an excellent way to discover the main attractions of the Portuguese capital as they are everywhere and dare even with the steepest streets. Places to choose, climb in which covers the route number 28, which passes through some of the essential corners of Lisbon as the Cathedral of the Cathedral. With the day ticket, you can go up and down whenever you want.

6. Enjoy the neighborhood of La Baixa

The charming neighborhood of La Baixa is a good place to spend an afternoon strolling and enjoying the monuments you see in Lisbon without having to face the slopes of the rest of the city. You can start at the fabulous Restauradores Square, continue to the Rossio Square, with its modernist train station and end at the Plaza del Marqués de Pombal. The Commerce Square is also a good place to sit and rest your legs and have a drink. If you do not feel like walking, you can always get on tram number 12, which runs through much of La Baixa.

7. Park of the Nations


The modern Nations Park offers a contrast to the historic center of Lisbon. Located east of the city, it underwent a thorough renovation in 1998, and it is here where you will find today the most contemporary architecture of Portugal, as well as a brand new port. One of the jewels of the crown is the Lisbon Oceanarium, the largest aquarium in Europe. Here visitors can walk around the central tank and marvel at the profusion of fish and sharks. With impressive exhibits that recreate several ecosystems and shelter some 450 species of marine animals, its main objective is to educate visitors about the need to invest in ocean conservation. If you like diving, but you have forgotten the suit at home, come to the Oceanarium, and you will not regret it. One of the things to do in Lisbon if you come with kids.

8. Jeronimos Monastery

Among the things to see without fail in Lisbon, there are several that have been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. In the neighborhood of Belem, the Monastery of the Jerónimos is one of them. Spectacular as few, this enormous complex of the sixteenth century contains the tomb of the explorer Vasco de Gama, huge rooms with vaults and columns decorated with profusion in Manueline style, one of the best cloisters in the world and ceilings in which arteries merge with one special grace Do not even think about wasting it!

9. Eat at pasties de Belem

Among the things to do in Lisbon, you should not forget to enjoy its rich food. The paste is de data are the sweet par excellence of Lisbon (and, therefore, of Portugal) and no visit to the Portuguese capital should conclude without having tasted them. This sweet, creamy sweet and covered with sugar and cinnamon powder is a real delicacy. There are many places to eat them, but the most traditional are the confectionery that gives them the name: Pasteis de Belem. It is located very close to the Jeronimos Monastery, so before or after visiting it, escape, sit down and let your taste buds enjoy.

10. Strolling through the Barrio Alto

After walking all day to explore the thousand and one things to do in Lisbon , night comes and relax, have fun and give themselves to the party. To do this, explore the soul of the city by visiting the Bairro Alto , the steep district that is just above the traditional Alfama. During the daytime it is a quiet and residential place where the clock seems to have stopped. But, once the sun has set, it is a most entertaining place. Enjoy a mojito with views, get lost in conversations with the locals and then take an old tram back to the hotel or any of the many Lisbon nightclubs where the party lasts until dawn. What more could you ask for?

11. Hear a Fate

Whether you miss your home, give you the melancholy, have broken your heart or simply want to enjoy something to do in Lisbon that is typically Portuguese, a traditional fado bar is the place to go. Fado is a popular 18th century musical style that normally combines emotional and sentimental lyrics with the rhythm of the Portuguese guitar. A live performance in a bar like A Baiuca or _Pateo de Alfama is an experience that you can only live in Lisbon.

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