Which are the 10 Best Places to visit and see in China

10 best places china

Helios7 brings to you Top Ten amazing places that will fascinate you in China.

If China is one of the most visited countries in the world, it is not because it is also the most inhabited but because it combines impressive natural spaces and an ancestral culture that will leave with the open mouth to those who dare to travel to the Far East. Helios7 tells you the corners of China that you should not miss when you plan your trip to these fascinating lands, take the notebook!

Following are the top 10 places to visit in china

1. Beijing – One of the Most Beautiful Cities to visit in China

It is undeniable, the most beautiful capital of China is a great and city and not only because of its huge population density (more than 22 million inhabitants) but also because of the huge number of points of interest to visit. Modernity and tradition mingle without hardly realizing in Beijing, and you will be able to find with architectural wonders such as the Temple of Heaven or the Forbidden City; places with a lot of histories such as Tian’anmen Square or Mao Zedong Mausoleum next to skyscrapers and shops and avant-garde restaurants that will leave you hallucinating. If you are thinking about Top 10 Places then do make sure this is on your list.

2. Chengdu – One of the Best Zoos in China to see pandas

Are you planning to visit the best zoo to see pandas in china? In Chengdu abound the centers of conservation and breeding of these animals in danger of extinction, in many of them, you will see panda bears in semi-freedom surrounded by bamboo. Go early in the morning, which is when they are more active, and do not stop to find out about these places before you go, the good state of the animals comes first. If you are a panda lover, then do visit this zoo which will give you best experience.

Also, Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan Province, which has one of the most interesting (and spicy!) Foods of China, what better than to mark a lovable safari as well?

3. Xi’an – The Best Historical Site in China

As if contemplating an army of the III century BC of more than 8,000 figures of terracotta to size, with its entourage of horses and floats was not enough to excuse to travel until Xi’an, this city is considered the eastern end of the famous Route of the Silk, with all that this entails. It is best historical places in China. In Xi’an you will find the most traditional China represented by a beautiful wall and the grand towers of the Bell and Drum, as well as a Muslim quarter so authentic that you will not know if you are in the Asian giant or Morocco.

4. The Great Wall of China – The Most important historical sites in China

Contrary to what the myth says, the Great Wall is not seen from space; however, the spectacular wall of more than 21,000 kilometers in length is one of the main attractions of China. This fortification began to be built in the fifth century BC but continued to expand and rebuild until the fifteenth century for protection from the constant threats of invasion. Although many areas have been heavily damaged, the wall is still standing and can easily be visited from Beijing. The best preserved and therefore more touristy section is Badaling (80 kilometers from the capital) but if you want more adventure do not miss the areas of Simatai and Jinshanling with areas not yet restored.

5. Shanghai – The Skyline City of China

The Shanghai skyline is one of the most impressive Skyline City in the world, especially if viewed from the Bund, the boardwalk with the colonial air of the city. In the second capital of China, do not miss the bustling and modern Nanjing Road (the commercial artery of Shanghai), but also visit the Ancient City and venture into Yuyuang Gardens, beautiful private gardens of the 16th century that will make you want to photograph on every corner.

6. Leshan Buddha – Best Religious sites to see in China

Next to a cliff, at the confluence of the Dadu, Jiang, and Qingyi rivers and a few hours from Chengdu, lies the tallest stone statue of Buddha in the world. The Buddha of Leshan reached 71 meters in height and was sculpted in the eighth century with the aim of monitoring the river channels so brave that they swallowed any boat that sailed by them. It is favorite religious sites which you must see in China. At the moment you can visit its temple annex, the one of the Dafo, in which you will be able to find more Buddhist statues to later contemplate with own eyes the great Buddha.

7. Yunnan – Among Top 10 Significant sites in ancient China


The ancient cities of Dali, Shaxi, Lijiang or Shangri-La are some of the gifts that this region has if you want to visit Southwest China. It is one of the most significant sites from Ancient China. Not only that, the rice terraces of Yuangyang stand out to be some of the most beautiful in Asia and the Tiger Leaping Gorge, the deepest river canyon in the world, can also be found in Yunnan. The proximity of this area of ​​China to Southeast Asia and the mountains of Tibet results in an interesting combination of ethnic minorities that populate their cities and valleys giving joy and color and enthusing the traveler with their traditional costumes and customs.

8. Yangshuo – Best Mountain Places in China

The curious mountainous formations lined with greenery on the banks of the Li River attract thousands of backpackers each year, who are delighted by the scenery and activities Yangshuo offers. In addition to the popular rafting in bamboo boats, it is advisable to spend a few days in the area to spend them biking among rice paddies, climbing or visiting some of the beautiful caves in the mountains. If you love mountain trekking, then do visit this best mountain place.

9. Hong Kong – One of the Top 10 beautiful cities of China

In addition to gazing at the fascinating skyscrapers illuminated by their daily light show at 8:00 PM from Avenue of Stars, you should not leave Hong Kong without climbing Victoria Peak, the highest mountain in the city, at dusk. Save a few days of your trip to live like a true Hong Kongan and discover Cantonese food at night markets, party at Lan Kwai Fong or up and down the world’s longest staircases, The Central-Mid- Level escalators. No doubt it is one of the top 10 beautiful cities in China.

10. Suzhou – The most beautiful places in China to visit

“Heaven is paradise, and on earth, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou,” reads an ancient Chinese proverb describing the Chinese Venice, Suzhou. Just 30 minutes away from Shanghai is a city full of exquisitely manicured canals, gardens, and pagodas that make this city your perfect getaway from the jungle of its neighbor’s skyscrapers. It is surely one of the most beautiful places in china to visit

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